plan kruutntoone at skif in st. Petersburg, april 2006

This year, finally, we managed to get to P.!
(click and watch petersburgfootage from volken and from djadja fedja)

…where we played with Conny Essbach on accordion and clarinet, and for the occasion cooperated with Maksim Leonidovich Maksimov, Moscovian poet (Moscow 1979). A night outside with Krakovian sausage and the remains of a bottle of wodka (it was cold, the hotel was closed) and a last rehearsal in the park next to venue, brought us close enough together to do a warmly welcomed gig at the Skif stage (try this link to skif-site).

Good reactions: bartered one cd for a photograph of a stripped carwreck and even got a new button on my jacket. Very good deal. (when you know the song karpaten from een mooi pak/from all my secret pockets, you’ll agree….)

(Would like to thank organisation of Skif. Special thanks to Wilhelmina E Jansen Fonds for supporting cooperation with Maksim and making this concert possible. Many thanks to the dutch embassy in Russia for supporting travel and visa)
spasibo bolsjoje!

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