photo by zoran medo

Plan Kruutntoone is Bas Alblas: basses, Chris Muller: all-sorts, Hans Visser: guitar, banjo, voice. Plan Kruutntoone plays its uncompromising music in the Netherlands, Belgium, East-European countries, and Russia to feel at home.

2023: Our seventh album ‘solo’ sees the light, live on radioantidoto.

2020: Our sixth album ‘pas maar op want deze tas is van zorro (…en zorro houdt van mij)’ was released!

voorkant voor site2017: new album ‘wat doen de handen’.
Our fifth album came out on the Escrec label. Mixed with the typical Plan Kruutntoone repertoire are pieces for string quartet.


2016: the film ‘forget me not’ of Jan Jaap Kuiper premieres.(music by Hans)

2015: Hans is proud to receive a degree in composition. His portfolio includes a string quartet inspired by the composer Ernö Király and a random radio file Hörspiel lecture on Ernö Király’s work.

voorkant voor site2013: firmly a trio again, with hardly more than banjo, bass, the sewing-machine and lyrics plan kruutntoone released their fourth album: ‘als alles er af is’ (after the harvest).

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earlier cd’s
Een mooi pak / from all my secret pockets (2007),
Gelijktijdigwiel (2001) en HumpaComa (1998).

Plan Kruutntoone plays from Diksmuide in the west to St Petersburg in the east of europe, on many occasions in diverse places, ranging from the dutch Crossing Border festival for music and poetry along autonomzentra and jazzclubs in German squats, clubs in Belgium, pop- (Sziget) and newmusic- festivals in Hungary, venues in Croatia and Slovenie up to official and unofficial (with Serbia still under Milosevic regime) concerts in Vojvodina. It proved worthwhile: though never meeting an audience of millions, (nor thousands, to be honest…) the music appeared to be enough universal and at the sametime obstinate to attract people who recognize themselves in method and result.

For other work and writings of Plan Kruutntoone’s Hans Visser, like his cooperation with Jan Jaap Kuiper for the movie Verlaat, check de mislukte zigeuner.