For this project Plan Kruutntoone was inspired by the works of the late artist and writer Jan Yoors. Our selection of parts from two of his books books focused on death, love, fear to live as opposed to the will to live, love, eat and spend a million. We invited guests guests from where-ever the wind blows to add their version or comment to what we did, and to form an orchestra for weddings, funerals, births and escapes. The orchestra then travelled…

In the yoors’ kumpania Plan Kruutntoone was happy to be joined by Isabelle Bats, poet/singer/actress from Bruxelles; Ivica Kosavic, guitarist, noble noise god from Zagreb/Amsterdam; Andreja Kosavic, trumpet player and jazz singer from Zagreb. She ‘s Ivica’s sister. Wears a suit; Federico Bonelli, Amsterdam- based Roman, poet/futurist dog and filmer; Henry J. Alles, visual- and sound artist (Groningen): made visuals and samples for Yoors’ and is one of the voices on the cd and Gregor Belusic (Ljubljana) from the Zoambo Zoet Workestrao, saz and voice.
Volken de Vlas from Friesland, could hardly be called a guest; more likely the other half of the orchestra, he made and played samples, tuba, trumpet, guitar. The album was recorded at SING-SING Studio by Milan Ciric and edited and mixed by Dolf Planteijdt.

(foto : spending the night cheap near nurnberg, october…..)