Solo (2023)
Zorro houdt van mij (’20)
Wat doen de handen (’17)
Als alles er af is (2013)
Een mooi pak (2007)
Gelijktijdigwiel (2001)
HumpaComa (1998)


Plan Kruutntoone’s second album gelijktijdigwiel (adm/de konkurrent, 2000) which may be best translated as sametimewheel, explored a form of ‘contemporary folkmusic’: the electric/improvised folkmusic of europe, in that time at least morally falling apart, during the ‘kosovo crisis’

With gnawing notes, strictly- directed choirsinging and madbarking dogs they give this cd the content of a frontmessage. (volkskrant)


with drums, bass, guitars, copper, reeds, tapes and samples
Comments on life as it is at home, coming back from travelling in ‘former Yugoslavia’ and being een mislukte zigeuner (a halfbaked gypsy).

volkslied van een verlopen natie

listen to the album on bandcamp

(in the same period Hansko started his first klankdocs (sound documentaries), you can find them on de mislukte zigeuner site.)