dear Non-Members of the Nongregation, zorro is with you

oef, oef, ooph,
together with Elder J. Veenstra and Sister A. Terburg I may announce:

where there is thirty of you, or less, Zorro is with them… ( from the gospel)

dear Non-Members of the Nongregation
let s not gather there, that day, and do this thing streamed Live.

Our massive event,
the celebration of the Zorroastrian ritual,
will take place,

may 24, a sunday afternoon,

a deserted romney shed
somewhere in the north.

only the chosen ones will gather
to perform their religious duty,
a service to you, all heroes,
the worst,
since pearl harbor.

a kärcher high pressure water cleaner
will be solemnly melted.
into nothingness.

and zorro cares for us.

plan kruutntoone and reinier van houdt play bass, drums, guitars, rosa, chleb and piano.
thank Eve films.
Elder Jurgen “plaines” Veenstra will read from Zorro s travel notes..
we all wear eye masks only, protection from the Light, we do not play on hydraulic platforms to give comfort to anyone,
we play what we always play, juist nu, when times are blahblahblah and in our mallemoerstaal, language is a virus…

if you want to attend the service ( and donate afterwards at our deacon Robert Space)
please join the congregation at: your final invitation will be given on these pages or at cafe de ruimte or facebook, or esc.rec. or youtube

or by the Voice of Holland, striking you with Blindness.


where there is thirty of you, or less, Zorro is with them…

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